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July 21 2024: Exploring Gender Identity Through Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) serves as a powerful tool for gender exploration and self-discovery for transgender individuals. Through character creation and role-playing, players can experiment with gender identities and expressions in a safe and supportive environment.

In filmmaker Levan Akin’s “Crossing,” a retired Georgian schoolteacher tries to track down her transgender niece in Istanbul. It’s what gives this compassionate, cautiously hopeful movie’s open-eyed naturalism a wonderful, pulsating humanity.

Despite Its Story of Cis Family, ‘Crossing’ Lets Trans Performers Take Center Stage

Jessie Earl Gender discusses the path that led to her new short film ‘Identiteaze’

A New Play Called TERF Will Dramatize J.K. Rowling’s Relationship With Harry Potter Stars

New Hampshire Enacts Stringent Laws Limiting Transgender Rights

“I’m tired of young, transgender Utahns like me being used as political pawns”

Iowa: Transgender woman filing suit after state refused Medicaid coverage for reassignment surgery.

Rooted in collective care and sustainability, Kaleido Collective is a creative sanctuary where activists, organizers, and community stakeholders can recharge and support one another.

GOP lawmakers have been stealthily adding amendments to government appropriations bills, which are key to funding major government departments, to ban any federal money being used for gender transition procedures.

Trans Olympian Luca Kumahara headed to Paris, this time as a broadcaster

On Thursday, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit challenging Tennessee’s “Adult Entertainment Act” (AEA), which prohibits drag in public spaces and any venue where minors might be present.

July 20 20214: “Banning puberty blockers is not a decision for politicians to make.”

Aidan Kelly: “I treat transgender children – banning puberty blockers is not a decision for politicians to make.” Dr Aidan Kelly is a clinical psychologist and Director at Gender Plus.

«Armed with a questionnaire issues about gay and lesbian rights, gender transition care and hiring practices related to diversity..Vance held up for more than a year the nominations of dozens of diplomats…» Archive:

Murders of transgender people will carry prison sentences of up to 70 years in Mexico City under tough new penalties approved by local lawmakers on Thursday.

Trans People on Hormone Therapy Don’t Mind Potential Cardiovascular Side Effects

As the final day approaches of an anticipated week-long hearing on the legality of an Ohio law limiting gender care for juveniles, the two sides actually agree on something:

The outcome is tremendously important to Ohio’s future.

“British media…has given [the anti-trans] movement a big boost… turning the spotlight away from the realities that #trans kids …are facing, and pumping out stories nitpicking at the strength of the expanding evidence…for gender-affirming care.”

Elliot Page’s Character to Come Out as Transgender in Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy

The Cass Review Into Gender Identity Services For Children – The Conclusion

Coming from a small village, Manvi is the first transgender in India to secure a police job. She is among the three transgender persons selected for the post. While Manvi is a trans-woman, the other two are trans-men.

More positive transgender news for you to enjoy this weekend!

NH: Republican Gov. Chris Sununu signed three bills into law and vetoed a fourth that impact transgender individuals Friday, the last day he had to act on the legislation that has passed both the House and Senate.

July 19 2024: Transgender actor Nava Mau nominated for Emmy

Transgender Actor Nava Mau Shares Her First Reaction To Emmy Nomination For Baby Reindeer

‘Baby Reindeer’ Star Nava Mau On Making Emmy History With Supporting Actress Nomination: “When Trans People Are Given The Opportunity, We Will Grow Beyond Any Expectation”

Why JD Vance’s Transgender Friend Turned Against Him

JD Vance’s trans ex-friend is confused by his ‘hateful’ words and sudden pro-Trump beliefs.

The Rochester Public School Board approved new guidelines for transgender students, including bathroom use and sports participation, after a compelling speech by trans student Ash Wartsbaugh.

US: Amid a wave of restrictions on gender-affirming care, the average driving distance for families seeking such care has doubled, according to a new report.

US/Tenn: A federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit challenging first-in-the-nation law designed to place strict limits on drag shows, reversing a lower court ruling.

A “Unity” Convention? For Trans Americans, It’s Quite the Opposite.

The Supreme Court of Ghana has deferred ruling on an anti-LGBTQ+ bill, pulling it from being featured in the presidential election campaign.

Republican candidate stands by her attack of Democrat over trans grandchild

Where does Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stand on trans rights? And what will happen to those protections if he wins November’s election?

In updated guidance released on Tuesday (16 July), the EHRC said companies can legally exclude trans women from jobs advertised “for women only”, such as positions in domestic abuse shelters.

Fact Check: Viral Picture Of “Trans Trump Shooter” Turns Out To Be Someone Else

A growing number of Labour MPs have spoken out against health secretary Wes Streeting’s “very concerning” decision to make the ban on privately prescribed puberty blockers permanent.

Ekko Astral have announced that on their headlining Midwest tour in August, they’ll be doing trans aid fundraisers at each show

Turkish authorities close exhibition on transgender community amid broader LGBTQ+ crackdown

Transgender women on hormone therapy tend to skew artificially low on prostate cancer screening tests, which may give false reassurance and delay diagnosis and treatment, reports a new study led by UC San Francisco.

Trans killings now punishable by up to 70 years in Mexico City

Link here.

July 18 2024:  Lifelong GOP voters leave the party in support of their transgender grandchild

Ohioans explain abandoning Republican Party for love of their transgender grandchild. There is nothing that cures transphobia so effectively as knowing someone trans.

KB Brookins, poet and essayist in Austin, Texas, chronicles their journey in changing their name and gender marker, plus the surveillance that came thereafter.

Link here.

Washington U. Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital closing, whistleblower says


The 2024 Paris Olympics will feature at least 144 publicly out LGBTQ athletes, marking the second consecutive Summer Games with triple-digit representation. This milestone highlights growing acceptance in sports.

Argentina’s players were filmed singing a racist and transphobic chant as they celebrated their Copa America win, with France’s Football Federation now taking legal action against the South Americans.

Former darts world champion Neil Duff has thrown his support behind transgender player Noa-Lynn van Leuven after she faced online abuse.

On Tuesday Night, the Teamsters Union posted a tweet criticizing President Sean O’Brien over anti-trans article endorsement. This comes after O’Brien spoke at the RNC, a first for the union.

This article explores the benefits and challenges of remote work for transgender and non-binary individuals. It offers practical tips on creating an inclusive home office, navigating the complexities of remote work…

According to the progressive think tank the Movement Advancement Project, eight states, including Idaho and North Dakota, legally force the outing of transgender youth in schools.

Southern California school district sues Gov. Newsom over new gender-identity law.

The Rochester School Board approved a list of procedures on Tuesday for supporting transgender and gender-expansive students, bringing a conclusion to a months-long saga that ignited controversy throughout the district.

The National Black Justice Coalition has condemned one of the nation’s most prominent Black fraternities over its proposed ban of transgender members.

The Trump campaign has posted many of its own anti-LGBTQ+ plans and proposals on its website, in a section called “Agenda 47,” featuring videos of the former president outlining his plans and pledges.

British Medical Association (BMA) leaders have met to discuss the approach being taken to children and young people struggling with their gender identity.

Missouri: Democratic state Rep. Barbara Phifer, has responded forcefully to a recent attack on her transgender grandchild by Republican candidate Valentina Gomez.

July 17 2024: The RCN convention becomes a cesspool of transphobia

At the RNC, You Can Get a Motorcycle for Opposing Transgender Athletes.

At the Republican National Convention, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene delivered a speech attacking transgender people, reinforcing the GOP’s anti-trans rhetoric.

On day one of the Republican National Convention, at least four Republicans used their platform to target transgender people.

Legality of Ohio’s transgender restrictions up for grabs in high-stakes court hearing

Trump has vowed to issue an executive order instructing federal agencies to cease programs that promote sex and gender transition

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969). A Japanese movie masterpiece on queer culture and gender variation.

Video by Kris.

Non-transgender boys account for most of the gender affirming surgeries in the US.

Link here.

There is a pro-transgender Labour revolt against health secretary Wes Streeting. You can sign the letter.

Link here.

A federal judge’s order blocking a Biden administration rule for protecting LGBTQ+ students from discrimination applies to hundreds of schools and colleges across the U.S., and a group hopes to extend it further to many major American cities.

Elon Musk is moving SpaceX and X headquarters from California to Texas, because California governor Gavin Newsom signed a law banning schools from outing transgender students to their parents.

California becomes first state to ban forced outing of LGBTQ+ students

The Biden administration is reaffirming its support for gender-affirming surgeries for transgender minors after backlash over a recent White House statement opposing such surgeries.

July 16: Anti-LGBTQ senator J.D. Vance becomes Trump’s running mate

Former President Donald Trump has named anti-LGBTQ+ Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) as his vice presidential pick for his re-election campaign. Vance once referred to Trump as “America’s Hitler.”

J.D. Vance, Donald Trump’s pick for his vice-presidential running mate, has been a U.S. senator for just a year and a half, but that’s been long enough for him to compile an extensive anti-LGBTQ+ record.

Trump’s Running Mate, JD Vance, Wants To Criminalize Gender-Affirming Care For Minors

The Republican Party’s official 2024 platform no longer explicitly opposes same-sex marriage but harshly opposes transgender rights.

UK: Just ten days after being elected, the government is already facing some internal turmoil over its stance on trans rights – specifically, over its restrictions on puberty blockers.

Health secretary Wes Streeting has sparked more anger by defending his decision to make the ban on private puberty blockers for trans youth permanent.

More Elliot Page Is Coming Your Way in Trans Movie “Close to You” and Final Season of “The Umbrella Academy”

New York’s attorney general sued Nassau County on Monday to block enforcement of a new law banning transgender athletes from playing in girls’ and women’s sports at county-owned parks and facilities.

‘Men don’t wear skirts’: Anti-trans pro wrestling fan kicked out of Tennessee event

The Minnesota Supreme Court will soon hear the case involving athlete JayCee Cooper, who alleges USA Powerlifting discriminated against her because she is a transgender woman.

In the past year, Florida’s health department has declined to amend gender markers on birth certificates for both transgender adults and minors.

In a troubling new development for transgender people, Senator Manchin appeared to double down on his anti-trans vote to espouse a Project 2025 policy to ban all federal funding for trans care.

Non-binary gender model adjusting breast binder (Getty)

Transgender kids rarely get gender-affirming surgeries — in fact, cisgender children are much more likely to get them, according to a new study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

For Many Queer People, Cutting Off Family Is Hard but Vital.

July 15 2024: Trans women redefining Indian cinema

Trinetra Haldar, Ivanka Das, Gazal Dhaliwal: Trans women redefining Indian cinema.
“Filmmakers started recognizing the importance of authentic representation and the need to tell stories that reflect the true experiences of trans women.”

Scarlett Johansson was cast in the role of transgender gangster Dante “Tex” Gill in a film in 2018 but stepped away from the project due to public backlash.

Dr. Jack Turban, a child psychiatrist, explains the importance of understanding gender identity through a three-part framework encompassing biological, social, and physical aspects.

“As is known, the new UK Heath Secretary has decided to ban puberty blockers. His tweets justifying this are summarised below, along with my comment/rebuttal.”

Many women prefer gay romance books (M/M) to their straight counterparts.

Can a marriage survive a gender transition? Yes, and even thrive. How these couples make it work

A shelter dedicated to the welfare and rehabilitation of the transgender community is set to be launched in Islamabad as a second phase of its Tahafuz Darasgah after Lahore.

“Visibility also comes with a cost”: What it’s like growing up transgender in Australia
“Despite increased representation of trans people in popular culture, trans lives – specifically the lives of trans kids – continue to be the targets of bigotry and abuse. This is hard to see and shows us how far we have come, but also have yet to go.”

July 14 2024: The transgender Americans lost to violence in 2024

Here are the trans Americans lost to violence in 2024.

Kitty Monroe
Sasha Williams
África Parrilla García
Righteous Torrence “TK” Hill
Reyna Hernandez
Diamond Brigman
Alex “Boo” Taylor Franco
Yella Clark
River Nevaeh Goddard
Tee Arnold
Starr Brown
Andrea Doria Dos Passos
Kita Bee
Jazlynn Johnson
Tayy Dior Thomas
Michelle Henry
Liara Kaylee Tsai
Pauly Likens
Shannon Boswell

(Photo: Black transgender man Righteous Torrence “TK” Hill, a popular hair salon owner, was shot to death in February outside his home in East Point, near Atlanta.)

The puberty blockers review is a chance for Labour to show it’s above the ‘culture wars’

Republicans have voted to overturn a Biden administration rule that prohibits discrimination against transgender students based on their gender identity.

A federal appeals court panel has ruled that Tennessee does not unconstitutionally discriminate against transgender people by not allowing them to change the sex designation on their birth certificates.

The ACLU of Ohio has filed a lawsuit to stop the state’s ban on healthcare for transgender youth from taking effect next month.

LGBTQ groups connect transgender patients with care as MUSC ends treatments for all ages.

‘Impossible to enforce’: The logistical hurdles facing the Nassau County transgender athlete ban.

US: For LGBTQ+ people, moving to friendlier states comes with a cost.

July 13 2024: The Labour government in Britain seems to be as transphobic as the Tory one

UK: Health secretary Wes Streeting has reportedly indicated that the Labour government will extend the Tories’ controversial emergency ban on puberty blockers for trans youth.

Wes Streeting: “This ban [on puberty blockers] brings the private sector in line with the NHS. We are committed to providing young people with the evidence-led care that they deserve”. Evidence shows that blockers are of great help.

The New York Times has leaned heavily into anti-transgender, pseudoscientific writing targeting transgender people in recent years. Pamela Paul’s latest article repeats many errors.

The College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, the Psychological Society of Ireland, and the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy sign memorandum renouncing ‘conversion therapy’.

Link here.

CBS Threatens to Sue ‘Big Brother’ Author Over Wild Claims It ‘Intentionally Casts Racists’ and ‘Categorically Avoids Casting Transgender Applicants’

KOSA: This Bill Purports to Protect Kids from Big Tech. For LGBTQ+ Youth, It’s a Grave Danger.

Hearing date set for trans student banned from Hanover tennis team. ACLU VA lawsuits in Hanover and York counties to test Youngkin model policies.

3 Idaho transgender prisoners sue over medical care. They can get treatment — for now

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., the first Black Greek-letter fraternity founded in 1906 at Cornell University, is currently facing internal and external backlash over a proposed amendment to ban transgender members

House Republicans voted Thursday to overturn a Biden administration rule bolstering federal nondiscrimination protections for transgender students.

How much do you know about Kamala Harris and her stance on LGBTQ+ rights? Harris has been a supporter of trans people’s rights to use bathrooms matching their gender identity since at least 2016.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is leading a coalition of seven states challenging a rule by President Joe Biden’s administration that would preempt state restrictions on gender-affirming care.

A US federal judge this week refused to toss out a lawsuit challenging a controversial Florida law requiring teachers to use pronouns that align with their sex assigned at birth.

Link here.

“It’s beautiful to know that sometimes, we can change the past,” Sam Smith shared about the new version of ‘Stay With Me’, which has been updated to reflect their non-binary identity.

EHCR ruled that Russia was in violation of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Right when the government chose to terminate the foster care agreement between a trans man and his two foster children.

Link here.

West Virginia and Idaho are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to review rulings that blocked the enforcement of state laws prohibiting transgender athletes from competing in sports.

MAGA Senate candidate’s church pastor rants about transgender-promoting ‘demons’ – Raw Story

Tilly Fitzgerald, a bookseller at the British bookstore chain Waterstones, was fired after she made a social media post criticizing a so-called “gender-critical author.”

A federal judge has refused to stay his decision striking down Florida’s restrictions on gender-affirming care while the state appeals.

Judge Joseph Whyte ruled last week that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) doesn’t have the right to access transgender children’s medical information from the Washington University Transgender Center.

Simon Cowell has launched auditions for the next big boy band and has reportedly “invited trans men” to audition.

July 12 2024: Nonbinary representation in US government is on the rise

US: Anti-Trans Legislative Risk Assessment Map: July 2024 Edition
In July, Rhode Island improved in risk for transgender people while Louisiana deteriorated.

Taylor would not just disappear’: Friends and family of trans woman missing in the Bahamas speak out.

Taylor Casey’s friends and family called on government officials to prioritize her case and highlighted the lack of resources often given to missing cases of people and color and LGBTQ+ people.

US: Laws targeting gender-affirming care have uprooted thousands. But places that are more supportive can also be more expensive.


Yale Law School and Yale School of Medicine’s recent report challenges the UK’s Cass Review on gender-affirming care, accusing it of misrepresenting data and drawing unsupported conclusions.

Filmmaker brings into focus life of pioneering transgender, women’s rights neuroscientist Ben Barres.

US: Nonbinary representation in government is on the rise with a record number of out elected officials

A proposed amendment to New York’s constitution to bar discrimination over “gender identity” and “pregnancy outcomes” will appear on the ballot this November, the state’s high court ruled Thursday.

West Virginia and Idaho asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to decide whether states can lawfully enforce bans on transgender students competing on sports teams consistent with their gender identity.

Lake Saint Louis dad forms clothing line inspired by his transgender daughter.
Lion+Owl officially launched last month, one of a small but growing number of online merchants that specializes in “gender-blurring” apparel.

The trans Hayley Williams discourse, explained.

The Bihar government has appointed a transgender person Manvi Madhu Kashyap as a Sub- Inspector of Police for the first time in the state.

Silver Taube: Misgendering a transgender person in the workplace is stigmatizing and unlawful

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